In 1937, Joseph Friel and Robert Reber established Reber-Friel Company servicing the Trade Show Industry. Since most of the trade shows at that time were held at the Philadelphia Convention Hall at 34th & Civic Center Boulevard in Philadelphia, the offices were located in Center City.

In 1969, Thomas E. McAvinue, Jr. joined the employees currently employed at Reber-Friel Company in the Architects Building in Center City, Philadelphia, with James Friel at the helm and Harold Grebe as Executive Vice-President. Doing two major shows a year sustained the company very nicely, but Tom McAvinue could see there was more that could be done….much more.

Under his guidance, Reber-Friel Company, a trade show contractor, slowly evolved into becoming the service contractor for numerous other shows within the King of  Prussia and Philadelphia area.


By 1977, Tom McAvinue had successfully launched Reber-Friel Company from a company who managed two major accounts annually, to a fully operational trade show service organization, servicing numerous shows throughout the tri-state area, in addition to servicing the two major national accounts.

Now as sole owner, Tom, the accomplished innovator who successfully launched Reber-Friel Company into becoming a fully insured general contractor company decades ago, continues to further enhance Reber-Friel Company as it joins the rank of high technology.

From its humble beginnings over half a century ago, Reber-Friel Company proudly stands among the “best of the best” full service trade show contactors in a mercurial industry. They have not only maintained their Founders principles of quality service, but continue to achieve high performance ratings for their service and innovative methods.